You can make a difference for Poland here and now.

You can leave a mark that will last forever.

If you take some time everyday to pray for Poland, you will see that for God everything is possible.

Why should we pray?

„Prayer for Poland” is meant to unite people and encourage them to offer our country to the Lord in their daily prayer and ask Him to transform it as He sees fit.

The result can be a transformation greater than we expect.

All we need to do is to be united and faithful in a regular prayer to the One who cares for us.

It is not our prayers, or even our faith that will bring about the change (even though we should trust that the Lord wants to and will change our country’s situation).

It is God alone who will work as He sees our faith and unity with which we pray for our common cause.

Apart from our prayer, we should all be conscientious in fulfilling our daily responsibilities.

The initiative is not aimed against anyone. It can only bring good to all of us.

Możemy mieć różne poglądy (religijne, polityczne ...) i w ogóle bardzo się różnić, bylebyśmy przynajmniej w tej modlitwie potrafili się zjednoczyć!

Our prayer will bless Poland, and thus each of us will be blessed.

Personal reflection:

Almost 30 years ago, when I became a believer, I started to see clearly that something has to change for our country, and even more so, for our society.

Later, as a Christian and a Roman Catholic, I learnt by experience that such changes can only be made by God, who responds to honest desires of people’s hearts.

I believe that God can do so much more than anyone can imagine and the best we can do is to trust Him!

(You may see the world and our country differently than I do, but that should not stand in our way to unite in prayer.)

I have also learnt that we should use the opportunities that we are give to try and start a positive change. We should also remember that every change begins in us and God is the one who makes everything good.

Over 20 years ago a started my own business, then I started a family … My hope was that the political transformations of the early 1990s would help ( and they probably have helped to some extend..)

However, our society has not been strong enough to faithfully build our common good and we have failed in doing that for centuries.

We are constrained by our own foolishness, we miss opportunities to grow, we keep blaming the “unfortunate circumstances”. It doesn’t have to be this way and I strongly believe that it shouldn’t be this way! We aren’t either better, or worse than any other country in the world. We can change our ways, but we need God’s help.

I believe that it is Him, who inspired me to start this initiative and if it bears fruit, it will only be through His work.

I am grateful to my wife and our children for their support and to my friends for their encouragement.


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