Why do we need rules?

This is a place where people who pray for Poland everyday meet to unite in prayer and encourage each other. We want to ask the Lord for a transformation that our country needs.

It is important to establish rules which will help our initiative achieve its goals.

The Lord wants good for us and can do whatever He decides.

We believe that He has created us and sustains our lives with His love.

He helps us whenever we strive for truth, righteousness and unity. If we didn’t believe that, our initiative would be purposeless.

We put God first and we believe that He knows what is best for us

God knows the fullness of truth, while we can only understand some aspects of it and our understanding depends on our circumstances, our knowledge and our maturity.

We should remember about it, when we judge other people’s lives and their opinions, because it can help us come closer to the truth. We are only right to some extend and our judgments are limited, especially when they bring harm to others.

The truth sets us free

Only truth is worthwhile – everything that is outside truth is an illusion and it is not worth wasting our lives for illusions. That is why we have to fight for truth in our hearts and minds, in our personal lives and finally in our society. The closer to truth we are, the more authentic we can be and the more freedom we can experience. The easiest way of learning the truth in what is beyond our perception is to know God himself.

He is the source of freedom. Let’s make truth our light.

We can judge actions, but not people

Evil and foolishness can be, and sometimes should be called what they are.

However, we should not put such labels on people. Each of us is both beautiful and ugly and we are in the process of becoming more and more beautiful, even if sometimes it seems that the ugliness is prevailing.

Good conquers evil

There is no other effective way of fighting the evil around us. All we need to fight is within us, although we still have to be trained and that can only be done by God.

We are learning to build freedom and to live it out

God wants us to be united, and that means our personal integrity, unity within marriages, within families, within societies, etc. Unity is what makes men similar to God and whatever destroys unity leads in the opposite direction.

We should treat others the way we would like to be treated

We should ask ourselves how we would like to be treated by people and then treat others in the same way.

No agitation or advertising

We are not trying to make money or achieve any religious or political goals. This a place devoted to uniting people in prayer for Poland.

The Internet is full of websites which serve economic or political purposes. Let this one be free from that.

Should anyone want to express their personal views (political or religious), we ask to do it respectfully, remembering that our aim is to be united.

We are trying to understand one another by listening to our stories

Even when I consider myself to be right, I don’t lose anything, if I listen to and try to understand those who have different opinions.

We are following the law

All the activities within this website should be compliant with the Polish law. We ask the users not to offend anyone.

Poland is our home and our mother

The well-being of our country is a common concern for those of us who consider it their home and for those who care for it for other reasons.

The Statute of the Website

  • 1. The Statute of the Prayer for Poland website, which is further referred to as Website consists of the Rules mentioned above and the following regulations. The fact of using the Website implies that the users have read the Statute and agree to observe it.
  • 2. The Website does not represent any organization, institution, company, or church and does not serve any political, social, economic, or charity purposes. Its only aim is to encourage people to pray for the change in the Polish society. The initiative is run by anonymous private persons who do not gain any profits from it.
  • The users enter the Website and post messages on their own responsibility and thus give the Administrators the right to use them at their discretion. The content of the Website belongs to its initiator (#) and cannot be used without his written permission.
  • 4. The Website is anonymous. We do not require personal information of our users and we do not encourage posting them on the Website. Should any user want to post their personal information, they can do so on their own responsibility and in accordance with the Status.
  • 5. It is forbidden to reveal personal information of other people, even if they are not true or contain mistakes. It is also forbidden to defame anyone on the Website. The Administrators will not reveal the users’ data, unless it is required by the Polish law.
  • 6. It is possible that the Administrators will occasionally send news bulletins to the e-mail addresses of the users of the Website.
  • 7. The initiator, the Administrators and the users of the Website want it to accomplish its purposes, however they do not take responsibility for any faulty functioning or for the availability of the entire Website or its parts to anyone.
  • 8. Each post, comment or user’s profile can be removed at the administrators’ discretion ( for example, in case of infringing the Statute ) without warning or stating the reason.
  • 9. The initiator does not take responsibility for any damages or losses either real or alleged, direct, or indirect connected to its activity or lack thereof.
  • 10. The Website can only be used for non-lucrative purposes and with the use of a standard browser. All the other forms of use of the Website are forbidden.
  • 11. The Administrator can be contacted through each user’s individual profile.
  • 12. All the rules and decisions included in the Statute may be changed at any time without previous notice and they are binding from the moment they appear on the Website until an updated version is published.

Use of this website constitutes acceptance of the rules in force here